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In a world of fashion and so much to see, sometimes you need to relax and have a for sure thing. In other words: BE UNIQUE, BE ORIGINAL, HAVE FUN, like the Piketo slogan claims.

Piketo is the perfect place for finding the outfight you needed for tonight or that backpack you’ve been looking for that no one has. 

With variety and uniqueness Piketo creates a special and very modern hip look in all its sites. Enticing not only the modern hipster but also the sporty and not forgetting that sometimes we just want to wear something comfortable.

PIKETO Travel Laptop Backpack


Comfort and functionality in a single backpack

Comfort, safety and versatility are some of the features that many continue looking for when purchasing the ideal backpack, whether to attend classes, go to work, a trip or daily life in general, including a trip to nature. That's why at Piketo we offer you that bag model you've been looking for, but have not yet found.

We know that it is not just about getting the perfect outfit for the day, but also having the accessories that complement us providing comfort and functionality at the same time ... And the backpacks are a fundamental part of that set of clothing and accessories.

With a design that brings that comfort and functionality so sought after, and additionally mixing the sporty with a final hipster touch that so characterizes us in Piketo, this new bag is the perfect option if you are looking for a big backpack that will satisfy your tastes, but more important: your needs.


The modern and practical design of this bag allows you to store your things in an organized and safe way. It has a variety of compartments and pockets for each of the objects you want to carry and safeguard. It is a backpack that is ultimately designed to meet the needs of this new era so active, multifaceted and technological.
It has three spacious main compartments, in addition to a smaller frontal one, which you can easily open with zippers. In addition, it has two extra pockets added in the front, and other elastic on the sides, so you can take your water bottles or thermos anywhere you want without mixing them with the contents inside.
On the inside, you can find compartments for your laptop, smartphone, tablet (like the iPad), pens, as well as a keychain to prevent the loss inside and outside your bag. Finally, in terms of pockets, you can find one on the outside of the back with the straps, perfect for securing value or money, this thanks to its poor visibility.
But it's not all, it also has adjustable strips, a comfortable handle for hand, fasteners and at the back has a panel that ensures air flow and ensures comfort.


Not only do you have enough space to store your favorite mobile devices in a safe and orderly way, including your laptop or tablet, but this bag brings extras for you in this era where technology always accompanies us.
A plus of this backpack that makes it very modern, is the external USB port that has one of its sides, which allows you to connect your mobile device to it, while internally you connect the wireless battery.
An ideal extra for today's life that will help you to leave behind that discomfort of carrying in your hands or in the pockets of your pants, the portable charger, or you will no longer damage the cables by passing them through the zippers, many times committing accidents
Be unique, be original, have fun
"Be unique, be original, have fun" is our motto, that's why this backpack is ideal for you in your daily life, bringing comfort, design, practicality and a touch of modernity to the best sport and hipster style.

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